Anton Dell meets Harsest- Seminar in Seoul 2018

Anton Dell meets Harsest- Seminar in Seoul 2018

Anton Dell is coming to Seoul to teach a Seminar for Korean brands, regarding exploring new territories with their business

Harsest has been committed to Korean brands for over 4 years now. We have a strong team with a creative and responsible spirit that is helping our local brands to grow their business, and expand to new markets all over the world.

This feeling is what motivated Harsest to partner with Anton Dell, the Fashion Consultancy Agency from the UK that has been also helping fashion brands to find agents and distributors in new territories.  Late May he will be coming to Seoul, and he will be speaking in front of over 50 Korean brands to share his experience and knowledge on the subject.

Within 24 hours of releasing the invitation to the Seminar, the event was sold out. It is known that during the event a few brands will be able to have a private meeting with Harsest and Anton Dell to get some advice regarding their business.

5월 31일 목요일 4시 @ CowNDog (카우앤독) / 서울시 성동구 왕십리로2길 20

스피커 : Anton Dell (UK), Inna Karmolit (HARSEST)

주제 : 해외 진출 관련 에이젼트 및 디스트리뷰터의 중요성 / 인풀루언서 마케팅 공략법

주차 : 주변 공영 주차장을 이용하셔야 합니다

경일 초등학교 주차장 / 성수1가 1동 656-260

서울숲 주차장 / 성동구 성수동1가 643

문의 : 신형국 컨설턴트 010-8964-5311


*초청받으신 분만 올 수 있는 이벤트입니다.

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