Harsest Consulting Firm, merged with the creative group You’ve Got Pictures

Harsest Consulting Firm, merged with the creative group You’ve Got Pictures


Digital Contents Creative Group You’ve got Pictures, (CEO, Jung-hyun Keum) announced recently that they will merge with the marketing consulting firm Harsest.

Harsest is a consulting firm that has pioneered its own domain of digital marketing and has proven its broad business capabilities ranging from branding, marketing and sales to domestic and foreign companies. In the process of merging.

Through this merger, You’ve Got Pictures plans to strengthen its capabilities in digital-based consumer analysis, marketing automation, and overseas customer expansion, and to provide optimized marketing solutions for individual customers in the rapidly changing digital age.

As a speaker of “2019 Content Marketing Summit”, which is one of the biggest marketing conferences in Korea, Haseok Lee is currently leading the Pen Paper and Plot project, which is currently under the ubiquitous hacking organization of You’ve got pictures.

“We are going to provide differentiated and advanced digital marketing solutions by adding the original Harsest business capability to the digital marketing project with domestic leading brands currently in progress”, Lee said. 

On the other hand, details related to digital marketing of You’ve Got Pictures (YGP) are available on the official website.


하세스트가 한국 대표적인 디지털 크리에이티브 그룹 유브갓픽쳐스 (www.ygp.co.kr)에 합병되었습니다. 유브갓픽쳐스는 한국 주요 기업들의 디지털 영상을 제작하는 업체로 이번 하세스트와의 합병을 통해 영상 제작뿐만 아니라 더 큰 마케팅 영역에 진출할 예정입니다.

하세스트의 대표 이하석은 유브갓픽쳐스의 CMO (마케팅 이사)직으로 유브갓픽쳐스 산하 디지털 그로스해킹 팀 조직인 Pen Paper and Plot을 이끌게 되었고, 하세스트에서 하였던 많은 진보적 마케팅 영역에서 더 큰 기업들과 많은 일을 진행하게 되었습니다.

또한 이하석 대표는 이화여대에서의 강연과 한국의 최대 규모의 마케팅 서밋인 컨텐츠 마케팅 서밋의 연사로 출연하게 되어 합병 소식과 함께 더 큰 발전으로의 히스토리를 만들어가고 있습니다.


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