Christmas is on the way and with that, Christmas Marketing hustle and bustle.

HARSEST - Christmas campaign

Christmas is on the way and with that, Christmas Marketing hustle and bustle.

Christmas is without a doubt one of the most important celebrations in many countries and if you want to make sales abroad this should be one of your favorites seasons too!

People LOVE Christmas! All the decorations, Christmas carols, ginger houses… This is surely is very sweet but Christmas is also a time for serious marketing preparations.

Take a look at the steps below on how to make the best out of a Christmas season and make your customer grateful too.

1) Bring the festive mood in

Even though Christmas is 25th of December, the preparation should be done right after Halloween. Moreover, Halloween sales and satisfied customers who already bought your goods or services should be encouraged to continue shopping with you for Christmas too. Make sure to draw their attention to Christmas specials in advance!

2) Add some Christmas spice 

Christmas themes are highly memorable and bring in the special mood. Using Christmas symbolics in your designs and products by making a special Christmas collection, along with Christmas references and hashtags will help you to build a connection with your audience. Your audience will appreciate the human side of your brand.

3) Make it “Now or Never”

HARSEST - discount policy

Urgency is one of the most used marketing principles. Time-limited deals work well even with those who already know the magic behind it. You can use a countdown banner in your emails or add it to your Google Ads campaigns. The sense of urgency makes the offer appear more desired to people.

4) Communicate

Christmas is important so you can be sure it will attract some new or returning customers to your website. And in this case, you should think of all the possible problems that might occur with the increased traffic. Provide timely support to your customers and show that you care about them, even during the busy holiday time. The best would be to add a live chat plugin and provide 24/7 consultations or at least during the working hours.

5) Make it feel like a Christmas card

Personalize your holiday communication. This will make your customers feel valued. To do that, you can use their names in email subject line, communicate with them on social media, send them personalized discount coupons based on their preferences.

What also works well is to sign your emails with your name instead of company’s name. People appreciate knowing that brand is managed by good people.

6) Plan in advance

HARSEST - Discounted items

Plan a Christmas sale or a free giveaway! Why? Because everybody loves getting presents and, as a brand, make sure to give some. Discounts as a little bonus work well too. Wrap them as a gift card!

The best also would be to discount items that make a perfect fit for the holiday or discount something expensive that was wanted by many for a long time. This will also give the feeling of having something special on Christmas.

7) Think about a memorable tagline

Think of a Christmas tagline for your campaigns. Rather than simply using your brand slogan or repeating the standard Christmas wishes, you can add some creativity and make a unique, emotional, and catchy tagline that will be remembered by many.

8) Don’t make your customers feeling left out

You might think that since social media are used by everyone these days and there is no reason to go somewhere else to congratulate your customers, but this is very far from the truth. Every channel has its own audience. Experiment with content in your Christmas campaigns: mix photos and videos, use captions, run polls, create stories (for example, one a day during the Advent period) etc.

These hacks can not only brighten up pre-Christmas and Christmas season but also make good to your company’s image. Christmas memories stay long enough to make customers return for more good memories with your brand. Value your customers, make some sales at the end of the year and Merry Christmas!


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