Harsest obtains Google Analytics qualification

Harsest obtains Google Analytics qualification

In a world as changing as the Internet and digital marketing, it is essential to keep learning and updating our knowledge regarding every digital tool out there. That’s why in Harsest we recently obtained our qualification to work with Google Analytics in an advanced level, to keep providing our clients -and future clients – with the best service we can offer.

(This qualification expires every year, so in May next year we have to take the course and the test again)

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that makes Google available to us completely free of charge. It is the web analytics tool per excellence. It provides us with data and reports about everything that happens on our website: visitors, unique users, conversions, duration of visits, duration of the sessions, how they arrived on our website, and more detailed information.

You might be wondering: Why are these numbers and data so important? 

Knowing this, we’ll be able to understand how our strategy it’s actually working, and according to this modify it, improve it, or keep it the same. If we know the behavior of our visitors and how they move on our website, we can know if our online strategies are working correctly or we should modify them to be more successful.

Knowing how to manage Google Analytics will allow us to monitor our campaigns and our website on a daily basis, and to know what is happening, how our clients are acting on the network or if we are reaching the marked objectives and if not, optimize accordingly. To make this follow-up there is no better ally than this tool, and now in Harsest we are mastering it.

You can also check this article from Forbes Magazine, on how powerful is to understanding analytics.

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