Facebook for Brands: Tips for Your Fan Page

Facebook for Brands: Tips for Your Fan Page

Community managers around the world have a lot of challenges, a really important one being the goal to position a Facebook Fan Page. If you think that everyone is high on Instagram, well, you’re right. But Facebook keeps growing on audience so you can’t be indifferent to this social network.

To make it more clear: the IBS (Association of Advertising, Marketing and Digital Communications in Spain) states that 81% of social media users, use Facebook to follow brands. And they do it for many reasons:

-To be updated regarding the brand’s news in products and services

-They have a bond with the brand because they have used it before and they like it

-To buy

-To get discounts or participate in contests and events.

Now, let’s get down to business.

How to position a Fan Page?

Nowadays people can barely live without social media. From millennials, centennials and so on, everyone has a presence in at least two different platforms. That’s why now everything related to advertising, creating brand awareness and building relationships with consumers is not only related to websites but to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and every possible platform the brand can be. And of course, they want a privileged spot on each one of them.

Like everything, if you want to grow your Facebook Page, you need to follow a series of steps and build up a strategy to make it work.

1. It is important to create optimized content within the company description and services of your Fan Page. For this, we must use the full name of our brand, use keywords, and also name your services as much as you can.

2. Publish valuable content. When you want to position a brand on social networks it is important to generate content for each segment of your audience. Before creating and placing content on social networks you should take some time to study who are your fans, customers or potential customers, so you can determine what is the content that you should be producing.

3. As happens in Google, Facebook gives importance to language and location, so if we do a search in Spanish from Spain it is more likely that we will see the localized Fan Page. In this sense, it is advisable, whenever possible, to have Fan Pages dedicated to each market.

4. Analyze what is your competition doing. First of all, you should know who is your competition. In general, is the company that offers the same product or service like yours, or a very similar one.

Once you have defined your competence in social networks, observe and analyze the subject, content, publication hours and especially the interaction of your audience with the company. So you can do it better.

5. Segment your audience. Before doing anything, you should know clearly who is your client. Once you define who is your potential customer, then you study his habits, which social networks he uses, what he likes, etc. Build a customer profile, then build a strategy that will speak to him/her.



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