We Break It Down For You: Here’s What Happened at HERA SFW

We Break It Down For You: Here’s What Happened at HERA SFW

First came K-pop. Then there was K-beauty – and now K-fashion is the next move Seoul is taking. Seoul, the city where fashion is fast and extremely trend-driven. HERA SFW

The fashion week is sponsored by the mega beauty company Hera: HERA Seoul Fashion Week. During the fashion week, the creative make-up stakes are high. HERA Seoul Fashion Week is the biggest Fashion Festival in South Korea and has escalated quickly into a global phenomenon together with South Korea’s influence all over the world.

Cooperating with global fashion industries in London, Paris and Milano, famous fashion experts and influencers all around the world are coming to Seoul to be part of the fashion week.

Marked by designer talents, amazing and glittering street style and all other things style-related, Seoul Fashion Week’s reputation, as South Asia’s leading fashion capital, does not seem to be waning any time soon with its ultra-hyped street style pictures outside the Dongdaemun Design Plaza of Zaha Hadid.

So, what makes Seoul Fashion Week so famous?

Seoul’s fashion scene is very much involved with street culture. The city is not only into high-end fashion but also into affordable streetwear that is influenced by K-pop and the K-entertainment industry. What makes SFW even more exciting, is the eclectic mix of streetwear vintage and finely tailored garments all styled together in fresh new ways.

The Seoul Fashion Week is a global fashion event held twice a year in the Spring/Summer seasons and Fall/Winter seasons, which is in March and October, respectively. It is sponsored by the city of Seoul and conducted by Inotion World Wide. The event is marked with diversity combining high fashion with street style.

HERA Seoul Fashion Week is split into three parts:

  • The Seoul Collection
    A high-end Korean fashion event. The collection is among the biggest in Korean Fashion.
  • Generation Next (GNS)
    This is an upcoming fashion design program for Korean designers. It concentrates on designers with fewer than five years of experience. Unique appearance and creative thinking are emphasized in this section.

The Seoul Fashion Fair

This is an exhibition showcasing Korean fashion companies. Its mission is to grow Korean fashion companies by helping to build business partnerships to compete in the global fashion market. It is easy for companies to get a spot in the fair.

Because of a rare period of rapprochement between North and South Korea this year, this season’s collections took a comparatively somber tone, with some designers appearing to indirectly reference the conflict, or put forth their desire for peace.

“It’s a message of hope”, explained Kyu Yong Shin after showing the collection he co-designed with his girlfriend Ji Sun Park. “Even though we did not experience the Korean War, we all know how horrible and cruel it was from just listening to the older generation.” Park has explained that their synthesis of floral prints and padded, inflected military outwear which was an attempt to communicate “hope inside the battlefield.”

On October 2018, the Fall/Winter Collection SS19 was, again, as spectacular as the Fashion Week has been over the past few years. We were able to see so many new brands with disruptive collections, ready to take the international fashion industry. We can’t wait to enjoy and hustle in the next edition of SFW. Stay tuned to be part of it with us!




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