The importance of Storytelling

The importance of Storytelling

When it comes to branding and marketing, many businesses forget that the storytelling is an important phase to build their reputation. We will show you the importance of Storytelling !


Storytelling is very important process for your company

The importance of storytelling

These businesses can’t make storytelling reliable enough or make common mistakes such as a weak presentation of themselves, or assume that the clients are already believing the same things as they do.

But the truth is, the audience is not that simple.

We will show you on these article the importance of storytelling to reach for your audience.


The common mistakes

Storytelling is not the easiest part of creating the image of a brand. Many people assume that a simple basic story is the key to get clients, to have them feeling attracted and attached to the brand.

It is way harder than expected and requires a lot of different things such as creativity, vision and writing skills.

Stories bring people together, as it is something that everyone can understand.

The concept of a brand can be hard to understand but stories simplify these messages.

It has been proven that « a story activates brain responsible for experiences (…) It’s the reason why we keep 70% of information through stories, but only 10% from data and statistics. »

These stories help people to understand and check that brand and trust it better.


How you should build your story

It is really important for the stories to be entertaining, universal, memorable and organized.

A good story can turn wrong if it is badly presented. It will be hard for customers to understand what message you are trying to spread and very unpleasant for them to decode it.

The lack of specific examples or details are also one of these error as well, details help to make the story more realistic, and people will be able to imagine what you are trying to tell them.

The story you are trying to build as to be a little personal to be more reliable if you want your customer to get interested.


Invest yourself into your image

Your story should reflect your company’s image

Don’t forget !

A company should be aware that there is sadly no perfect recipe to make the perfect story that will bring all the customers under one roof. But there are some keys to make a story more vibrant.

Interesting stories are based on emotions. Emotional branding can be very powerful, it will caught the customer attention. Their feelings toward your story will make them buy (or not) your product or service.

The story should be simple and universal, everybody can relate to it because you add a human element as the main subject, he wants something and your product or service will help that person to reach his goal.


You have to be sure that you know your audience so that you can make a connection with your customers. You can mix incompatible elements if they are helping you to promote your brand.

And of course, be sure to choose the right story medium for your brand.


If you can make sure to focus on these few keys, you will be able to catch the attention of your customers, and to have then understand your concept. That is the best way to get loyal customers who will make sure to talk about your brand to their friends or families.



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