Mobile Advertising: A major market in 2019

Mobile Advertising: A major market in 2019

Mobile advertising is growing bigger and bigger every day.


Mobile advertising is growing

The owner of mobile phone in the world keeps increasing



As the world is slowly going for the 4G, South Korea on its way to launch 5G in early 2019.

Also it is important for our matter to know that 67% of the population worldwide who will own a mobile phone (with rough estimation of 1,5 billion owners in China and 1,1 billion in India).

The World is connected therefore the market for mobile advertising keeps growing thanks to this. And it is definitely important to consider it for a company when it comes to investments in advertising.


In 2014, mobile advertising spending grew by 76%. We can clearly see that the investments coming from companies are real and keep increasing.

As for 2019 the investments in mobile advertising in US will be over 93 billion $, which is 1/3 more than what advertisers invest for Television (Source: eMarketer)

Internationally, this market will be up to 132,2 billion of $ to which should bring 240,698 billion of $ of profit.


In a market that is definitely pointing to the mobile advertising, it is really important for a brand or a company to choose the right media to do so.

Depending of what you offer, you need to find the best way to target your customers to increase the sales and becoming leader on your own field.


Different options are presents to companies when it comes to mobile advertising.


Picking the best Option for your company.


The first option is the mobile application. The brand will create and launch an app to serve its customers and create an indirect feeling of loyalty from them.

It does require a lot of investments and technical resources (developers, designers etc.). So it can be very pricey and complicated for smaller companies to create.


For these smaller brands it may be easier to go for banner ads on other apps as it doesn’t require the technical skill of creating an app.


It gets easier and easier for companies to get advertising on social media apps such as Instagram or Facebook. It is directly integrates in the user’s feed. This kind of advertising is called Native Advertising. It also includes widgets and paid search result on web navigators.


Furthermore, there are two others mobile advertising processes that are available for companies.

These are Text advertising and MMS advertising.

The company needs to have access to the phone number of its clients. It is brief, easy to access to, and doesn’t require excessive designs.



The key to your success in 2019.


In conclusion, mobile advertising is up to a point that it is necessary for companies who are investing in advertisement to define a budget for it. But to be sure to target customers the best way, the company or brand has to make sure to choose the right way to advertise through mobiles.

Banner ads and Native advertising are definitely a must for promotion for small and medium size companies as it is very easy to put in place.

Otherwise, on a bigger scale and if you have the potential to go for it, you can create an app like Nike, Zara or Canon did. It makes the customer to live with the brand on a daily basis. They will see the application, use it, check it, get notifications. It is a daily reminder and an indirect advertisement impact on the customer.

Last, we can consider that Text Advertising is probably the best option for really large companies. They already have information about their clients. But it can be great for local shops that ask for this type of information from new customer to create a certain loyalty from them.


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