Passive income. Rethinking – Affiliate program, influencer marketing

Passive income. Rethinking – Affiliate program, influencer marketing

Passive income is not a new concept and it is been around for ages.

Someone lease a room in their house, others invest in a limited partnership – those are all different types of passive income. While these ways are still the same kind of profitable, with the development of the Internet, and more specific, social media, we have even more chances to maximize our income. So, those of us who don’t have any property to lease still can build a long-term passive source of extra income.

This is what affiliate programs are for.

What is it?

An affiliate program is a program that involves a company and such-called disseminators. These disseminators, as affiliates, place the company’s advertisements on their individually owned websites. The ads in affiliate programs are linked to company websites and are referred to as affiliate links. Sounds complicated? Here is a simple explanation:

Company – You – Your website – Your audience

Your audience clicks the link on your website, you are getting paid by the company.

Affiliate marketing idea

You are the link between your audience and affiliate program provider

How does it work?

Your goal here is to make your audience to use the services of the company by clicking the company’s advertising by virtue of which you will get a commission.

This doesn’t have to be an annoying advertising. You can choose the ones that “fit” your content. Then you publish the images or links on your web page. When a visitor of your website clicks on the link and makes a purchase or completes any other required action, you receive a small commission. In some cases, you are paid if someone just clicks the link.

When content fits

Choose the one that “fits” your content

How to choose the right program?

This decision depends on many factors as what your website or blog is about, and what is generally trendy these days. If you are interested in marketing, just like us, you might like to dig into influencer marketing as it is very popular niche these days and the number of platforms is booming too.

Out of the pool, we chose one platform that
1. is well advertised
2. is easy to use
3. has great reviews
4. offers an affiliate program

All those features are complementing each other: if it is well advertised, people will be willing to try it. If it is easy to use, people will like it and that is why the reviews are great. If they offer an affiliate program, it will be easier to get passive income from them.

Affiliate program provider

Heepsy as an option of affiliate program in influencer marketing

As an example, let’s take a look at Heepsy. The platform is quite well-known as it is based on Instagram data only, so there are no useless information, fake accounts or other disturbing factors. This, and also the easy interface, make it quite convenient in use. While most of the programs you can find on the internet are not free, Heepsy offers quite a reasonable price for its features (very detailed location search, multiple categories filter, collaborations and brands, multiple posting channels). That is why for only 1 year of existence it got a lot of users and keeps hiking the popularity mountain even further with a quite impressive speed! That is why doing an affiliating program with them might be a very good idea as it can be very attractive to the potential users.

Making the right choice is a key here. You do not need to search for very expensive affiliate programs to get an income. Quite often, small offers are the right way. Especially if they are both – good and affordable.


No Better Than The Best, Better Than The Rest


Knowledge is Power

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