The truth behind fashion trade shows

Trade shows in fashion industry

The truth behind fashion trade shows

Exhibiting at a trade show is one of the best ways to get in front of a lot of potential buyers. Trade shows give you the opportunity to not only introduce your collection and demonstrate the items but also to create that important first impression.

But first of all, fashion trade shows are about…fashion and…


A lot of things are going on around so this is also a good opportunity to get new ideas for later. This is one of the most fun parts of running your fashion business — the designing, the ideas, the inspiration. That alone is something you should never forget.


Meeting new people is great. Meeting new people who can connect with you on a professional level and become a part of your business – even better. Connecting is the key for business relationships and collaboration and the trade shows make the chances for the connection endless.
It is not only about buyers, it is also about business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and design.

Tip: Make sure you are collecting email addresses or contact information of visitors so that you can connect with them when you have promotions, events or new clothing lines available.

Trade shows and buyers


During trade shows, you get the chance to get surrounded by people with similar ideas and those who are doing what you are doing. This is a good chance to see what your community has to offer and estimate how competitive you can be and how different you are.

Tip: While it is good to stay in the community, you need to think of your brand first. That is why you should participate in events that are tailored to your brand and can lead you to YOUR buyer.


Exploring and discovering new things is one of the most fun parts of running and growing any business, but it’s especially true for creative businesses like fashion. As you walk the aisles of fashion trade shows you discover all kinds of amazing things visually– innovation in textiles, new color combinations, and interesting design ideas. You also discover all kinds of things by listening — the kinds of questions to ask, how to interact with vendors and ways to talk about your brand and business.

Don’t assume that participating in a fashion trade show will lead to great sales just because and right away. Nothing happens overnight. But it is a building a relationship, gaining trust and creating a memorable brand that fashion trend show can help you with. It is a good chance to make the world know who you are and with the right steps afterward, you can make it work.



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