New era of marketing: Gen Z and what to do about it

New era of marketing: Gen Z and what to do about it

Recent years the hottest topic in marketing was how to target millennials in the right way. Think no more – this is no longer a problem as there is already a new one. Millennials are no longer mysterious and unknown niche, but Gen Z is.



Generation Z or Gen Z, in short, includes all those people who were born after 1995 and are a new and totally different world of customers that need well-tailored marketing strategies.

If you were born before 1995 you know how the first cell phone looked like (yes, that ridiculously big gadget), or you remember the first PC and you remember yourself without a PC too, so your life has two eras: before the technologies and after them.

Evolution of phones, Gen Z

In case of members of Gen Z, they are way more involved in technologies. They grew up on social media, their main source of information is Google. This powerful consumer base is the next group of consumers that can help your business grow its revenue, as long as you take note of them now and well prepare your marketing strategies to cater to their needs.

Here are interesting thoughts about them and why they are so important to your business:

  • The global Gen Z population is expected to reach 2.56 billion by 2020 and 84.7 million of them will live in the US.
  • At least 85% of Gen Z uses social media to find out about new products.
  • 32% of Gen Z watches at least an hour of video content online each day.
  • Nearly half of them spend 10 hours a day online.


So what are the strategies?


Gen Z is the most tech-savvy generation. They spend so much time on social media that approaching them in any other way would be a waste of time. That is why the selling strategies should start on social media and mobile apps, and include videos, images, stories, etc.)
The best way is to focus on them and emphasize what they can get out of your business.


This generation is driven by results, so rather than selling the product itself as it is, try and sell the idea of success they will achieve by using your product. This takes a lot of creativity but it totally worth it. In the end, it will make you an expert and your product an irreplaceable tool and you will gain their trust.

Simple and easy marketing


In the times when you can scroll your news feed down in two seconds, your message should be clear as ever. No one has time to read through lines to retrieve the deep idea. Deep is good but deep and short is so much better. If your message is clear then the decision of your target will be forthcoming.


As Gen Z is very good at tech, you need to be too. After all, communicating with postal mail with someone who uses only emails is pretty much impossible.

Same way, technology-driven generation needs to be met online and it needs to be done correctly. Companies must ensure their technology’s design is superior and meets buyer expectations, or buyers won’t consider it a quality purchasing option and this can influence your brand in a negative way.


While we refer to them as to a Generation Z, they are very individualistic. Thus, addressing them as to a group with no individualities is the biggest mistake you can possibly make.

We live in the world where you can choose everything yourself – buy a pair of shoes YOU want, from a website YOU like without asking anyone’s permission. This makes each of us a unique individual with unique purchase decisions. Your marketing approach should make a priority to emphasize that.


Gen Z has lived their entire lives online, which impacts their view a lot. They have seen a lot more advertising and contents in general than we had. That makes them more proficient in what they see and perceive it in a different way. They expect authentic, entertaining interactions and experiences. Give them that.

Why sharing is important in marketing


While it might sound like Generation Z is a bunch of internet-addicts, it also means that they have an access to endless information in the world. It makes them self-educated and new information is a part of their every day lives. That is why sharing information is very important. Share your company message, be transparent in your products and be precise.
Their buying power isn’t different than any other group, they just do their homework.
So should you.

Discovering something new is always good as it gives you a lot of new possibilities for growth. Figuring out who is Gen Z follows the same algorithm. Now you know who they are and have some tips on how to approach them. Using this information you can open up new possibilities for your business.
Possibilities are always endless. You just need to create opportunities out of them.


No Better Than The Best, Better Than The Rest

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